Concerns about our future...

We are at the most critical moment in human history 
that requires new ways of thinking and new ways of being!

Join us as we journey with the Wisdom of the Wayshowers,
addressing some very important concerns about our future!


Look into the documentary featuring some of the world's leading futurists and thinkers!  

Find out some of the steps  we can take to create a positive movement in support of positive consciousness evolution.  
Featured are ten extraordinary guests who bring to the forefront solutions
to making the best out of these tremendous changes that we are facing now.

See how together, we can take this quantum leap into a positive future that THRIVES!

Special guests appearing in this 70 minute featured film are:

  • Avon Mattison - Peacebuilder, Co-founder & President of Pathways to Peace

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard - Futurist, Evolutionary Educator, Co-founder of Foundation for Conscious Evolution

  • Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D. - Cell Biologist, Best Selling Author

  • Colin Andrews - Author, Researcher 

  • Dannion Brinkley - Best Selling Author, International Lecturer & Founder, The Twilight Brigade

  • Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.  - Environmentalist, Futurist, Academy for Future Science

  • Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., Ph.D. Apollo 14 Astronaut Lunar Module Pilot

  • J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. - Social Scientist and Futurist, President of Academy for Future Science

  • Howard Wills - Facilitator of Healing

  • Will Moreau Goins, Ph.D. (Duyugodv Ayosdi Ji Dekanogis Awohali) - Anthropologist, Native American Indian Ceremonialist, Chief of Cherokee Tribe of South Carolina 


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